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Air conditioning is a modern marvel that keeps our homes cool and comfortable throughout the summer months. Thatcher Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning provides comprehensive air conditioning services throughout Plano, IL, and Sandwich, IL. We believe in offering high-quality service for your home and other residential properties.

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We offer the full range of services for your air conditioning system because we believe that you need attention to your system at all stages. Our team offers maintenance, repair, and even installation services for your air conditioner.

Our technicians encourage regular maintenance, including our maintenance program, which comes with a 10% discount for all of our labor and parts used. With regular maintenance, you can fight back against future repairs by catching problems with your system early.

We also offer safety inspections to ensure that your air conditioning system operates without endangering you. We help you make any recommended repairs to your system too because we want you to be safe while your AC keeps you cool.

Our work also analyzes the efficiency of your air conditioning system and help you make updates to increase your efficiency. The more efficient your system is, the more money you save and the easier your home is kept cool.

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Since 1994, we have helped individuals throughout Sandwich, IL, and Plano, IL, by providing high-quality air conditioning services. Our team provides honest, kind, and punctual services because we care about bringing you the best customer service that we can.

We value you and your comfort. Our team is ready and able to help ensure that your air conditioning system is fully functional and brings you the comfort that you deserve. We keep you informed throughout the services that we provide because we understand that you want to know about the work that we do.

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